Navy Lacrosse D-Ring Belt

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This signature lacrosse belt was designed by us and made for you!  This print features our White lacrosse sticks on Nav y can pair it with any webbing color to suit your needs and match your favorite team.  Please let us know if you need help placing your order.

We love turning our ideas and artwork into belts, key chains and hats...but we also love to help you do the same!  If you are interested in creating custom ribbon for belts or key chains and would like our help, please contact us at:  

We have worked alongside many club teams and organizations to help personalize and create pieces that fit their needs.  We have no minimum order and we do not charge for any artwork or drafts that we make for you.  Once an account is established you can either order belts/products as needed or we can set up a direct link on our website to help sell and promote your inspired ribbon (please contact us for further details).  View our gallery of photos below t o see what we can do.